Eat Out and Slim Down: Weight Loss Remedies for Foodies!

Are you prone to indulging in restaurant fare every now and again? If so, don’t let that put a damper on your weight-loss efforts! This is an ideal opportunity for those who enjoy dining out to finally shed those pounds – or at least some of them!

Restaurant food can be a veritable feast for your waistline if you’re not careful. In any given day, an individual may consume upwards of three thousand calories through their meals at restaurants; this can lead to an increase in weight gain over time if not managed properly.

Are you interested in losing weight while dining out with minimal effort? We have compiled a list of seven simple tips that will help! From choosing lower calorie options to carefully portioning out your meal, these pointers can help you achieve your goal of eating less without sacrificing flavor along the way.

  1. Order water and avoid beverages with added sugar

Refrain from consuming sugary sodas, juices and energy drinks; they can all contain large amounts of calories. Instead, opt for water or low-calorie options like seltzer water!

It’s a common misconception that drinking an abundance of water gives you the same effect as eating less food.

While this is true in some instances – when you consume more than your body needs – it does not necessarily translate into weight loss.

For example, if you down two cups of water during a meal, this will still count toward your daily intake even if it isn’t enough to offset your overall caloric intake.

  1. Order a side of vegetables with your meal

Are you a foodie who loves to dine out? If so, then it’s critical that you carefully contemplate your dietary choices. Although most restaurants offer an array of appetizers and entrees on their menus, there’s often one or more meatless options available as well!

Typically, diners can choose between a salad as an option; however, with some establishments providing a greater choice of different kinds of greens as well as toppings like nuts and cheeses – these may not be the only familiar offerings.

To further up your weight-loss game while dining out, consider ordering a side dish instead of dessert. By adding vegetables such as broccoli or grilled tomatoes to your meal, you’ll be providing yourself with healthy nutrients and essential vitamins without experiencing any adverse effects on your weight!

  1. Eat before you go out to eat

If you’re out to dinner, it’s paramount that you heed this advice. Many restaurants provide ample portions of food and will leave you feeling more than satisfied – but they also often come with hefty prices. Before heading out, make sure that you eat a healthy meal before dining out so as not to be tempted by the many choices available!

  1. Swap fatty toppings for healthier options

Unhealthy foods can be an indulgence, but choosing the wrong toppings on your food can make it more than just tasty; it may also increase calorie intake – and potentially set you up for future weight gain.

Opting for less-calorie options can help control caloric intake without sacrificing taste! Here are two of my favorite and healthiest choices:

No one likes to be deprived, so swap out butter and cream with olive oil or ghee for a decadent treat that’s still good for you. When adding avocado to your salad or sandwich, go ahead and top it off with a little light dressing instead – this will leave you feeling satiated without increasing calories!

  1. Order a salad with grilled meats

Eat a hearty, savoury meal and then follow up with a light salad. The key here is to consume the green leafy concoction before indulging in any animal protein or fatty foods; this way you’ll be able to keep your consumption level under control!

For those who are conscious of their weight and are concerned about what they eat, opting for seafood can be an ideal solution. Utilize its lower caloric content against higher dishes such as steak – for instance – by simply adding on some greens to elevate its flavour profile without compromising on the essential nutrients that it provides.


Cheese is a quintessential food, and no meal can be considered complete without it. Luckily, eating cheese out can help you compensate for the calories in its counterpart – meat.

Though cheeses are high in fat and calories, they contain protein and other nutrients necessary for a nutritious diet. However, if you’re trying to slim down, choosing lower-fat varieties like crumbled blue or goat cheeses or slices of cheddar can provide variety and flavor at an affordable cost. You may also opt for one with less salt or fat additives if possible.

And nuts

Topping the list of dietary fats and oils is avocado, a fruit rich in monounsaturated fatty acids. These types of fat have been associated with having lower cholesterol levels in addition to reducing the risk of heart disease. Even those who are watching their weight may benefit from including avocados into their diet: they can help reduce caloric intake while providing essential nutrients. Additionally, studies have shown that eating this fatty food is linked to decreased risk factors like elevated triglycerides – further suggesting its value as part of an overall healthy lifestyle!

Nuts and seeds are packed with fiber, which aids in digestion and helps prevent constipation. Nuts and seeds such as cashews, almonds, and pecans contain protein too; however, some people may be sensitive or allergic to them – so it’s important you do your research before consuming these particular foods.

Protein-rich foods such as lean meats, fish and poultry, eggs, and dairy products can all provide ample nutrition for those on a varied diet. But when dining out, don’t forget about taking advantage of any leftovers!

  1. Eat slowly at the table

If you’re frequently consuming meals out, it’s crucial to take your time when sitting down. After all, it takes our bodies time to digest food – and as a result, any meal will leave us feeling sluggish afterward if we wind up consuming fast food for dinner!

A slower pace at the table can provide you with an opportunity to savor each bite of food, allowing you to experience its taste and texture in greater depth than you might otherwise. This is especially true if you opt to dine in rather than consume takeout; while those meals tend to be more quickly consumed without much attention paid towards seasoning or temperature!

  1. Use a smaller plate

For those who are mindful of their diet, we can all agree that opting for a smaller plate is an ideal method of controlling portion sizes while still enjoying a hearty meal.

Don’t be afraid to experiment! Try sprinkling some cheese or condiments atop your meal to give it an extra kick. Or, try adding vegetables as sides – they’ll fill you up without creating additional pressure to overeat!


Despite your inclinations, don’t be reluctant to employ these strategies. They have been proven effective in aiding weight loss.

To stay on track with your weight loss regimen, it is essential that you remain vigilant and disciplined. Take advantage of any opportunities that arise; don’t let inertia be an obstacle!

If you are seeking a culinary approach to weight loss, we commend you!

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